Make someone’s moment, and
you’ll make your moment too!

Positivity Girl™ is the spark that ignites your own lovingkindness. She reminds you how good you feel being good to other people. Let Positivity Girl™ inspire YOU to find joy in making someone’s moment!

Welcome to Positivity Girl’s™ home on the web! I’m still decorating and moving the furniture around. And I expect this place to really grow over the next few months! But there are a number of things you can check out now. So take a look around. Make yourself at home. Let me know what you think! And be sure to sign up for the Daily Zap or the Personal Zap (or both!) so we can stay in touch.

Thanks for stopping by! Zap, you’re it!

Have a Daily Zap!

Your smile is magical! It can turn the tides and change the course of events.

You know how beautiful, peaceful and hopeful the world is when the morning sun starts to peek up over the horizon? Yeah, that’s your smile!

Thank you for making the world a beautiful place!

Zap, you’re it!

Get the Book!

Make Someone’s Moment is an inspiring guide to increasing your own happiness by making other people happy. Learn how making someone’s moment is more important-and more doable-than making someone’s whole day. See how all the little things you do act up to make a big difference.

Make Someone’s Moment is your authorization and your guide to doing good, finding joy, and being happy.

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